How Do I Qualify?

How Do I Qualify for a HOME Rochester Home?

1. All homebuyers must be income qualified - In some cases homebuyers may not earn more than 80% of Median Family Income to qualify for a HOME Rochester home. For some houses, homebuyers may earn as much as 120% of HUD's Median Family Income; please see individual house listings for income requirements.


Income Guidelines HOME Rochester 2016


Closing Cost Eligible

Maximum Eligible Income

 Family Size



























2. All Homebuyers must meet a debt to income ratio of 28:41 - This means that you should not pay more that 28% of your gross income for Principal, Interest, Real Estate Taxes and Mortgage Insurance (PITI); and your total long-term debt (debt that will take more than 12 months to pay off) should not exceed more than 41% of your gross income.

3. All Homebuyers must be income qualified by the City of Rochester’s Office of Housing and Project Development - Please complete the downloadable Home Buyer Services application after you review the cover document. Submit it to:

City of Rochester’s Office of Housing and Project Development
City Hall, Room 005A
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614

along with the required attachments.

4. All Homebuyers must not currently own residential property - To qualify for most HOME Rochester properties, homeowners must be “first-time homebuyers.”

5. All Homebuyers must qualify for a conventional, fixed-rate mortgage - A pre-qualification letter from a Participating Bank is required before submitting a Purchase Offer for a HOME Rochester property.

6. All Homebuyers must submit a signed Purchase Offer with $1,000 deposit.

7. All Homebuyers must contribute a minimum of $1,500 toward their property's equity by closing.

8. Homebuyers should be aware of their residency requirement.  HOME Rochester houses have owner-occupancy requirement of 15 years. When you purchase a house through the HOME Rochester program, be aware of how long you must reside in the home.

HOME Rochester receives funding from the City of Rochester. 

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